PERFORM - Perfect for wanting to lose a little bit of body fat and wanting to change your body composition as well as preparing to take on any upcoming fitness events like a half/full marathon or a Hyrox!

LEAN - If weight and fat loss is your main goal then this 12 week plan is the one for you, where your calories will gradually come down as the weeks go on and cardio is increased to see the max amount of fat loss to change your body for the better!

BUILD - For those looking to build their frame and put on some lean muscle, this plan if perfect for you, higher calories and more energy means max amount of gains in the gym to build on that toned physique that you want!

There will be check-ins as per block that finishes, so roughly every 12 weeks. However, the coaches are here to be contacted so if you are ever stuck you can message us when you need it as we feel xceeders don’t utilise this enough so going forward, the coach that sets you up is the one you can reach out to for help!

Most likely yes, our programmes that we have designed for you all is to be done out-with Xceed and unless you have weights/cardio machines at home then looking into your local gym may be a good option for you if you want to take full advantage of these programmes!

We recommend that you don’t, to get the full benefit of the programmes then you must stick to the goals we’ve set inside the 12 weeks however if you are happy with your results after let’s say 9/10 weeks of LEAN then you can hop over to BUILD or PERFORM after you have completed REVERSE.

Reverse is a sub-programme to help you exit a dieting phase (LEAN) as this is where most people go wrong after they have dieted, it is so crucial that you exit the right way by increasing calories at the correct timings which is why we have created REVERSE in order to help you with that. In addition, this programme is for those who have just completed the LEAN programme and we strongly recommend that you do this after completing LEAN before moving on to any other programmes that we have available to you!

ABSOLUTELY! We host a weekly conditioning session free of charge every single weekend (sat/sun/sat/sun) and everybody is welcome, it's a high intensity session involving weights, cardio machines and body weight exercises! Be prepared if you want to come, it’s an unbelievable session but hard as they come! P.S There’s always a great BUZZ and ENERGY at these sessions, it’s never as scary as you think!

Unless you can get someone to swap with your session then unfortunately we cannot allow you to move between time slots as this creates high and low numbers everywhere else throughout the week and is unfair to the coaches who have to deal with unexpected numbers. On the bright side if you can get someone to swap with you then all good, just make sure you are not swapping into a session that you have already performed that week!