Our 6-week training programs are designed for individuals of all fitness levels who are looking to kickstart their fitness journey, get lean, and improve their overall fitness. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience, our training programmes are for you!

Our 6-week training programs provide structured workout plans, our app to give you a hub to track your sessions and monitor progress, plus guidance on proper form and technique. You can expect a progressive approach to training, with workouts that target different muscle groups, increase strength, improve cardiovascular fitness, and help you achieve your desired results in minimal time. You will also receive added bonuses upon signup such as our exercise swap guide, our welcome guide which includes nutritional information such as how to calculate your calories and mindset tips.

The recommended workout frequency is the one that you can stick at long term, the one that suits your busy lifestyle. All our programmes involve training sessions 2 to 5 days a week, allowing for rest and recovery days. Our programmes are designed to optimise your results while considering factors such as your current fitness level and schedule. Begin (beginner) = for beginners looking to make a start in resistance training. Lean (intermediate) = for those looking to get leaner and know they aren’t guessing their way to results. Fit (advanced) = for those looking to not only get leaner and have a structured plan to follow bit to improve fitness levels too.

Yes, our 6-week training programmes can be done at home or in a gym setting. All you need is a set of dumbbells and/or barbells for the home workouts. Gym workouts have machines included.